Child-Centered Play Therapy

Child-Centered Play Therapy is a non-directive approach to working with children. It is a gentle and empowering method that allows children to move towards health in a natural way. 

Autism and ADHD

Neurodivergent children face a lot of challenges in life. If they are on the ASD spectrum these challenges can have a huge range. If they have been diagnosed with ADHD, or with dyslexia, these present with different struggles. Our approach meets the child where they are and works with them, and their families, to find new ways of handling life.  

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and other Diagnoses

Children face all sorts of challenges. Each of these challenges are better navigated with the help of someone who has experience walking beside children with these struggles. If its anxiety, depression, ODD, school refusal, or any other diagnoses, our approach helps children to work through each of these struggles with compassion and patience while encouraging them toward health. 

Ages Served

We specialize in working with children from the ages of 3-10. Child-Centered Play Therapy enables these children to process what they’re dealing with in a gentle manner. 

We also work with older children and teenagers. We use a Solution-Focused approach, as well as Motivational Interviewing when working with older children and teenagers.